Free email addresses for your domain name

Set up professional domain emails in minutes, completely free.
5 email addresses per domain (2 mailboxes + 3 aliases).


We realized that creating domain emails with existing services was often complicated and got expensive fast. We think it shouldn't be that way, so we've put together the best open-source software and built a really simple yet powerful email service.

To keep server costs manageable, free plans are limited to a few 1 GB mailboxes and email aliases. We can also afford this thanks to our awesome premium users who get drastically higher capabilities in exchange of their (low cost) paid plans.

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Simple and free,
yet safe and powerful.

Secure (encryption + antivirus)
All communications are TLS or SSL encrypted. Antivirus scanning every email (ClamAV). Daily backups of all mail boxes.

Top notch webmail
Get access to your domain emails from anywhere and any device through the Roundcube webmail and its modern UI.

Simple web administration
Easily manage your email accounts from our intuitive web administration interface. Works across all devices too.

Strong anti-spam policy
Built-in spam filter (Rspamd), and native implementation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Not likely you get SPAM issues.

Mail clients friendly
Use any mail client you like (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, ...). Particularly easy with our built-in autoconfiguration feature.

Essential features for every user
Redirect or copy incoming emails to other recipients, automatic reply, out of office reply, domain catch-all address, and more.

Have a look!